Quality Charter

Award-winning Gosset savoir-faire

The quality and style of the wines from Champagne Gosset attest to an exceptional savoir-faire. For this reason, it was awarded the French State’s “Living Heritage Company” (EPV) label in 2013 making the Gosset just one of four Champagne Houses to have received this label.

Champagne Gosset was also awarded the French Excellence Trophy in 2010.

These awards attest to the exceptional Gosset savoir-faire focused on the preservation of the natural freshness of the grapes’ aromas. Our wines therefore possess the elegance of the fruit, a vibrant entry on the palate and a remarkable aromatic expression.

Our vinification savoir-faire is complemented by an ageing of the wines on their lees for an average of 4 years to impart smoothness, complexity and incredibly elegant bubbles to the Champagne.