The oldest Wine House in Champagne: Aÿ 1584

The history of the Gosset family goes back five centuries to Jean Gosset (1484-1556), “Lord of Aÿ and Mareuil”, who was the first official ancestor in the lineage. The origins of “Maison Gosset” itself date back to the year 1584 when Pierre Gosset, Lord and Alderman of Aÿ, decided to set up a négociant business.

16 generations, all of direct lineage, have continued to build upon his work in Aÿ-Champagne and ensured that Champagne Gosset’s savoir-faire, based on the family’s traditional craftmanship, lives on.

An independent family-owned House

An independent family-owned House

Towards the end of 1993, the Champagne Gosset became part of the family-owned Renaud-Cointreau group which has since made it its mission to preserve the Gosset style.

In the late 20th century, Champagne Gosset’s association with the Cointreau family, as well as the birth of the Gosset Celebris vintage cuvées, propelled the Champagne House to the ranks of what are considered, to be the most prestigious Champagne Houses.

Maison Gosset: a traditional know-how

Maison Gosset: a traditional know-how

For over four centuries, every effort has been made to perpetuate the family know-how behind our Champagnes.
In 1584, Pierre Gosset, winemaker and Alderman in Aÿ, produced still wines, most of which were red, from grapes grown in his own vineyards.

A unique Bottle

A unique bottle

Jean Gosset first used the antique bottle that would become the emblem of the Gosset Champagne House in 1760.
This bottle is an exclusive model that used to be part of the family’s collection of ancestral bottles. It owes its name to the “antique glass” colour of the glass paste from which it is produced.

This extremely elegant bottle is bearing a neck label known as the “necklace medallion” named after Albert Gosset (the only one of its kind in the Champagne region) is instantly recognisable.


Our Champagne Terroir

Our Champagne Terroir

We craft our wines in a constant quest for perfection. The ultimate balance between freshness and vinosity is what defines all of the wines produced by Champagne Gosset.

Our “Grands Vins de Champagne”, each with their own distinctive personality, reflect the authenticity and diversity of the region’s terroirs and draw their generosity from carefully selected grapes grown in 140 hectares of vines across the whole of the Champagne region. This provides us with a large palette of crus (villages) with which to work and allows us to create harmonious Champagnes from one vintage to the next, ensuring that the Gosset style lives on and remains instantly recognisable year after year.

The inimitable Gosset Style

An inimitable Gosset Style

The Gosset style is a great mineral freshness that precedes a deep vinosity.. 

Our very original style of wine is owed to a unique vinification process which preserves the natural freshness of the fruit. This process seeks to bring out and preserve the wines’ full aromatic expression and ensure a long cellar life, thus offering wine connoisseurs and wine lovers drinking experiences of unrivalled richness, balance and complexity.

Interpreters of the Gosset Style

Interpreters of the Gosset Style

Since 2006, Odilon de Varine, Champagne Gosset’s deputy general manager and headwinemaker, has been supported by a team headed by another oenologist, recently appointed cellar master Gabrielle Malagu.

Odilon de Varine perpetuates the work achieved thus far by his predecessor, Jean-Pierre Mareigner, who used to say: “At Gosset, we produce a wine first and foremost, the bubbles only add to its beauty”.